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Monday, March 2, 2009

Need PDF with Digital Signature?


I was surprised to learn that there is no internal functionality to digitally sign a PDF file rendered by Cognos. I would expect that this would be a necessity for most Banks or financial institutions. After a quick bit of research (and some Google searches) I came up with one out-of-the-box method which might facilitate. The method in theory goes like:

Step 1: have the burst report run and save the output to filesystem in PDF format. Step 2: use a 3rd party software to process (digitally sign) the output file.

For step 2 I found something called "iText" (http://www.lowagie.com/iText/) which uses a Java JDK to post-process and add the digital signature to a PDF file.

I plan on investigating this method further but I'm interested in feedback or additional insight.