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Monday, August 31, 2009

Using a different port with Cognos 8.4


The result of some specific security measures we were asked to temporarily designate an alternative port for our Cognos 8.4 development environment.

I was under an assumption that this change would be directed through our webserver but quickly discovered that when an e-mail is sent, the link does not honor the specified port number. After some head scratching and paying some much needed attention to the manuals I found the correct solution:
  1. 1. open Cognos Configuration on the server you're using
  2. 2. select Environment
  3. 3. under Gateway Settings, select Gateway URI
  4. 4. change the URI to a fully qualified domain name adding your port number
  5. 5. save and restart

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remove the Dotted Line/Title(parameter) in Cognos 8.4


Need to remove the dotted line and title of a value prompt? Create an HTML Item in your report and fill it with the following Javascript:

var f = getFormWarpRequest();
var prompt = f._oLstChoicesX;

Where X is the name of the prompt specified in the properties. This tip works with Cognos 8.4. There are other Javascript methods for earlier versions.

What version of IBM Cognos are you using in production?


Hello all. I'm back from an extended summer break and working on some new posts. While away, I had left comment moderation on (in order to avoid spam) so I'll be catching up on your comments soon.

Back in June I ran a poll asking the question "What IBM Cognos version are you using in production?". Thanks to everyone who responded. The results showed that the majority of those who responded are using Cognos 8.3 (60%) in production followed by Cognos 8.4 (23%) (see pie chart below - Flash enabled):

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