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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Corporate Brand on the C8 UI


Want to modify / customize your C8 headers (and add your company name and logo for example)? Look to make these changes directly in the system.xml (cognos\c8\templates\ps\portal\system.xml).

  1. 1. Place an image in the folder \c8\webcontent\skins\my_style\branding, where "my_style" is one of the skins/styling that is being used for the portal.
  2. 2. Edit the /c8/templates/ps/portal/system.xml file using Notepad or an XML editor.
  3. 3. Search for You will notice that this section is commented out. Un-comment out this section and customize as needed.
  4. 4. Restart the Cognos 8 service for these changes to take effect.
Ensure you make a backup of your original system.xml file. Refer to the section: "Part 8 Customization" in the Cognos 8 Administration and Security Guide.